Social Services in Pennsylvania

There is another state that has a problem with their social service system: Pennsylvania.

“The nightmare of forced starvation and infection that killed Danieal while she was under the protection of the city’s human services agency is documented in a 258-page grand jury report released this week that charges nine people — her parents, four social workers and three family friends — in her ghastly death.”

This family had been under the scrutiny of social services for years. Social services falsified reports of their visits and the Assistant Health Commissioner interfered in the investigation of the girl’s death.

The article says the girl lived with her father in her early years and things went well until the father moved back to Philadelphia. It sounds like the father had custody of the girl because they were in Arizona before returning to Philadelphia-and he also had his other children with him.

Why didn’t the mother have custody? What happened there? And what happened for the mother to regain custody?

I wonder if social services made life so difficult for him while he was there that they drove him out? It’s a tactic they use often. Also, the father did care for her when he was in Arizona, and it seems odd that he would suddenly stop doing that once he got to Philadelphia.

This proves once again that social services, as a system, is broken.

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