Gun Seizures

In Connecticut, police can take guns from people on the suspicion that they might harm themselves or others. They have been doing this since October of 1999. The people that were for this law say there has been no abuse and are concerned that the law has not been utilized enough.

One attorney disagrees with that assessment saying every case he’s seen has been an abuse. And what about those numbers that the supporters of the law say are so small?

“Robert T. Crook, the executive director of the Connecticut Coalition of Sportsmen, questioned whether police have seized more guns than the number reported to the legislature. Crook said the law doesn’t require police departments or the courts to compile or report information on gun seizures. The Office of Legislative Research acknowledged that its report may have underreported seizures.”

The state has now admitted they have no idea how many guns have been seized. I agree with Crook here-I bet the numbers are much higher than the “official” ones given in this article. And the supporters of this law want it used more.

How do the police decide whether to issue a seizure warrant for a gun?

“Spouses and live-in partners were the most common source of complaints that led to warrant applications.”

In other words, anyone that is upset with you can go to the police and state that they are concerned about your behavior and that you have a gun.

“The state’s gun seizure law is considered the first and only law in the country that allows the confiscation of a gun before the owner commits an act of violence. Police and state prosecutors can obtain seizure warrants based on concerns about someone’s intentions.”

The Stasi is already here.

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