Recruiters Still Lying

Some army recruiters are lying and intimidating recruits to go into service. This report focuses on Houston, but I’m sure there is trouble in other areas too.

The army has a DEP-delayed entry program where recruits can try out the military and then walk away if they discover it is not for them. ”

“Army recruiting regulations say delayed entry members can leave any time. They specifically mention “under no circumstances will any (recruiter) threaten, coerce, manipulate, or intimidate (future soldiers), nor may they obstruct separation requests.”

Further, they state: “At no time will any (recruiter) tell a (Delayed Entry Program) member he or she must go in the Army or he or she will go to jail.”

This is the opposite of what some recruits were told-that they would go to jail, and they would not be able to get any loans for college since they did not join the army. One person was told that if he did not show up for an interview he would have to go to jail and this was back in 2005.

What happened to that recruiter? He was promoted to station commander at a different recruiting station, training others on how to do the job. A job he still holds today, although in a different state. This way the harassment gets to be spread around the country, which seems to be their goal.

Allegations of this type have increased over the years-due in part to the monetary bonuses recruiters get when a recruit gets to basic training. What kind of soldiers will we have once they realize they were betrayed by their recruiters? Do you think we will have loyal ones due to their shenanigans?

“The recruiter against whom the allegations were made has been taken off recruiting duty pending the outcome of the investigation,” the Army said.”

How long until he gets promoted, I wonder?

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