Mistaken Raid Leads to Medals

In December, Minneapolis police raided a home looking for a violent gang member. The eight officers who had SWAT training, but are not actually called SWAT officers entered the house, guns blazing searching for this gang member who wasn’t there because the police had the wrong information.

“In the midst of the shootout were Moua, who is Khang’s wife, and their six children, who range in age from 3 to 15. Moua said her family has since abandoned the house and can no longer afford to keep it.

Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer said Tuesday the department has acknowledged the raid was a mistake and has apologized to the family. But he said the officers “performed very bravely under gunfire and made smart decisions.”

The police officers still received medals for their mistake that cost taxpayers who knows how many dollars and the Khang family could no longer afford to keep the house that had 22 bullet holes in it from this raid.

That’s what this police department gives out medals for. Did you also notice that none of the officers had any injuries at all? Their body armor and helmets had shrapnel damage, but no one needed medical attention. But the Khang’s nine year old boy is now traumatized for life.

In this brave new world order, traumatizing children earns one medals.

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