He Will Reign

This week is Shabbat Shalom Link up #18.

Here is my offering this week “He will Reign”


Your Footsteps Become My Pathway

This is a post for Shabbat Shalom Link Up #15 . For more information, please go to my Shabbat Shalom Link Up page at the top of this blog.  My contribution this week is a song by Kathy Shooster-“Your Footsteps Become My Pathway.”

Ten La’esh Lipol- Shababt Sahom Link Up #13

Ten La’esh Lipol (Let the Fire Fall)

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The Cost

I came across this article and think it gives one a lot of food for thought.   I see people following after and caring more for man-made traditions than for what the Bible says.  And woe to the person that decides not to follow man-made tradition!

This article focuses on one religion, but I see the same thing happening in churches too.


Yet I Will Rejoice

Here is a beautiful song that speaks to many people I know in difficult situations.  Enjoy.

Psalm 99

Beautiful song.

Spiritual Attack

This weeks STLS is a topic of our own choosing. I chose this one since it is happening to the dance team in my congregation.

If you read my post Division and Confusion Part II, you know that we were wondering if one of our leaders was staying or going. She left so I am now the tambourine leader.

We also learned that our regular leader will be leaving us at the end of the month to live in Europe for a while. It is a great opportunity for her husband and they are going to take it. This means I am also the regular dance leader.

We had some events this past month where we invited people to attend our services and in that month we received negative comments about dress every week. Whereas in the couple of years before this, we had a comment maybe once or twice a year.

The latest ones were about gum chewing and certain womanly detriments attributes moving. I heard this news first and felt so bad that I had to tell our leader. When I told her she just looked at me with a “I can’t believe someone said that” look in her eyes.

I even debated not telling her at all, but figured that the person that told me would tell her anyway,which is exactly what happened. At least our poor leader was not blindsided by the comment and could truthfully say that she had spoken to us already.

I also realized that with all the comments we are/were under spiritual attack. I even told our leader “It’s starting already.” A different person in the group said the same thing when she heard about it.

We were all frustrated and disheartened that people were looking at that instead of worshipping Him. And there is/was the danger of us becoming more self conscious and less able to worship when we dance. And I can tell that I had to work much harder to keep my mind on worship instead of being self conscious.

Making matters worse, the person who told me this said the people that noticed it were there three weeks ago at one one of our events. So that happened three weeks ago and we didn’t hear about it until two days before the next event.

I figure that we were told this because they wanted the problem corrected before the next event. The thing is people were already overbooked cooking and getting things ready for this next event and no one had time to purchase new things. And truthfully, something should have been said sooner than two days before the next event.

It is not coincidence that this happened during the last month of Av and this month of Elul . Elul is known as the month of preparation or month of repentance before we celebrate Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur. In fact lots of people I know come under spiritual attack at this time of year. Satan does not want people renewing their commitment to Adonai and he knows how important these three months (Av, Elul and next month Tishrei) are.

Now we have to wait and see if we receive any more comments. I surely hope we will not.

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