It’s All about Love

I had someone recently try to convince me in a round about way to return to an organization I was once part of.    The reasoning was that there are people there that still care about me.

I am well aware of that-they are the same people who cared about me while I was there.  But as most married people will tell you, “love is not enough.”   It does not matter how many people care if the organization itself is flawed in policies or the way it shows love.  When the organization has been told repeatedly that there are problems and does nothing about them, then love is not enough.

I was not and am not the only person that was or is unhappy there either.  There are many people there who are also unhappy, which should give that organization something to think about.  Why are there so many different people/personalities there who are not happy?  Perhaps it is because love is not enough.



Not Too Pleased

So far my challenging situation is not improving.  I just discovered that something I was told not to do,  is now being done.  All parties involved heard this restriction, but now someone else is doing it-and this someone else found it insulting when I was doing it.

For people who supposedly are interested in improving the situation, they are doing the opposite.  I wonder if they even know that the other person is doing this…but I can’t tell them without getting the outside person in trouble and I don’t want to do that.  But it angers me greatly: again showing that one set of rules apply to me and another to this other person.

Not pleased at all.


I have been away from this blog for a long time now-at least a year.  That is because I had an ongoing challenge that took all my creative energy to deal with and there was none left over for writing.

I still do not believe the challenge is solved.  Supposedly there are signs of improvement and things are changing slowly.  But I also know that the people in charge still do not want to face this particular challenge or do anything to correct it.

For now I watch and I wait-but I have to say that this is my last chance with them.  And I will not pretend to support or pretend to make nice about this challenge anymore.

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