He Will Reign

This week is Shabbat Shalom Link up #18.

Here is my offering this week “He will Reign”


Your Footsteps Become My Pathway

This is a post for Shabbat Shalom Link Up #15 . For more information, please go to my Shabbat Shalom Link Up page at the top of this blog.  My contribution this week is a song by Kathy Shooster-“Your Footsteps Become My Pathway.”

Ten La’esh Lipol- Shababt Sahom Link Up #13

Ten La’esh Lipol (Let the Fire Fall)

If you would like to join us, please see my Shababt Shalom Link Up page for more information.

Yet I Will Rejoice

Here is a beautiful song that speaks to many people I know in difficult situations.  Enjoy.

A Pesach (Passover) Song

WP has come up with some new features while I was taking a hiatus. I am now playing with some of them to see if they work.

This is one of the songs we will be dancing to on Pesach.

Y’shua The Lamb, The Liberated Wailing Wall

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