Judgment House

Some of you may know this by another name-h*ll house.  There is one in our area and some of the youth went last year and this year.   Both years we received reports that several people accepted Yeshua and this year the report was that several of them realized they needed to choose God now.

I know that the people running the youth group are sincere.  It is a small group, so I do wonder  how we could  have had several people both years come to Him.    I wonder about the “counselors” as I know one of them was spoken to and was asked what happens now with the people who made professions and what if they backslide, etc.?  Her response was that once they “that prayer”, they’re saved and God has them forever more.

Let’s look at them say 6 months to a year from now.  Are they showing good fruit?  Are the things they are posting on the social networking sites and their own blogs showing the good fruit?  I have looked at some of these and I can tell you they are not.  When they say they are into astrology, when they say what element they are, when you look on their information pages and read the conversations with some of their friends,  nothing has changed for them.

And that is the problem…they get caught up in an emotional experience that has no substance.  They go back the next year and repeat the same experience-get caught up in the emotion and conditioned response they are supposed to give, or do it because they know they will be in trouble if they don’t, or because their friends did it so they will too.  So now we have unregenerate people who think and are told by others that they are saved-which in turn makes it harder for them to do the true work of salvation and sanctification.

They have been given a false promise that can very well lead to their destruction.




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  1. Michele
    Dec 04, 2010 @ 11:52:10

    Paul Washer talks about this in some of his sermon videos.

    But so many are in this ‘church’ environment, they don’t know that there is anything else. Dumbed down church?

    thanks for your insight Michele


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