Bulls in China Shops

Someone has a challenge they are struggling with which does not have to be a sin issue.  This person tells a couple about this challenge in their life and the couples response was that “they were going to be on this person until something was done about this.”

I wonder if that person will ever tell this couple anything again.  I know I wouldn’t if that had been done to me.  The couple  acted like bulls in a china shop and I wonder how often the rest of us do that?  Hopefully we see it in ourselves before we get to this point, because acting this way does not work.  We can not force a person to change-even God will not force someone to change.  If he won’t force change, what makes us think we can?

Secondly why was that issue resolved?  Was it because the person really wanted to change or was it done simply to get the bulls off her back?  Forcing someone to change is essentially putting yourself in the role of Holy Spirit, and will not affect lasting change the next time a situation comes around for that person.

There is a time to speak the truth in love and to say hard things-but saying “we will be on you until the situation changes” is not speaking truth in love.





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  1. Joanne
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 18:05:32

    You are right. It is the Holy Spirit that helps one to change. God does not force change on us, but if we are HIS child.. HE will chasten us as HIS child.. which may not be a pleasant experience, but an experience that will bring us to repentance or with a desire to change.

    With that said and understood.. It’s not that couple’s responsibility to “stay on” someone until “they” see change. It is our responsibility to speak the truth in love and then pray for the person.

    There will never be change unless the person with the problem truly desires change in their life. If they truly desire change, then the Holy Spirit will do that work in them.. but it often requires the person to walk out the work the Holy Spirit does in their heart… meaning “by faith” to accept the work has been done and live it out in their life.


  2. abrianna
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 19:14:53

    “It’s not that couple’s responsibility to “stay on” someone until “they” see change.”

    Exactly. They are putting themselves in the role of Holy Spirit. And if they don’t see the change they want, the bullying will continue until they are satisfied.


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