Today was our first day with RightStart Mathematics. Wow what a difference it makes!  Some of it was review, but we are starting at the beginning because they have specific ways they want you to count which she seemed to get.  We did three lessons today that took about half an hour total.  She asked to do the third one as she saw that lesson used the abacus and she wanted to use it so how could I say no?

She even said that it was fun and she is now playing with the abacus in her free time.  This was the reaction I wanted from her –  to have fun and want to do it.  Now our grammar program is not as fun, but I have to use it as we already had it from last year and we can not change that program this year.  Perhaps if I break it up and we do something different in between the grammar pages that will help her.

She can do it and she can advance quickly when she does not drag her feet.  The trick is to get her to stop dragging her feet or rush too quickly to get to the fun thing.

Still, I’m quite pleased that math went so well today.


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