This Year

I am making changes this year to the way we use and what we use for curriculum.  I am using Tapestry of Grace for history/lit/geography/bible.  I will do hands on things mostly and reading and go light on everything else.  Here is a neat resource for those of you using TOG-all the years are on this site but I chose year 1 to get you started.

For math I am using RightStart Mathematics.  I chose it because the manipulatives are smaller and easier to store  than Math U See.

I will also use the workbox system this year.  I purchased the 6.2 quart sterilite boxes because they can accommodate the extra tall books.  They also have covers and I purchased one of the really useful boxes, mainly for the lid.  Their lids are flat and can be used as a writing surface -I love double duty items!

We started school last week but did it very lightly and without using the workbox system as I have been ill most of this month and have not been able to set them all up.

But hopefully we can start them this week or next.


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