Little Pink Chair

A few years ago I found a folding pink lawn chair that was perfect for my blessing.  It was one of those rare occasions where I was able to go out without her.  In fact, I found all of us chairs for about 15 bucks.  My husband was proud of me and my blessing was so thrilled to learn that she had her very own chair.

She would carry it around and sit in it, pleased as punch.  We got good use of that chair and it is still in good condition.  She sat in it his year and said “Mommy, the chair is too small for me.”  I looked and told her she was right, it is too small for her.  Now she has  a bigger, darker pink chair that I bought for myself but it is not comfortable for me so she has it.

But still,  I look at the little pink chair and see that my blessing is just growing so fast…too fast for me.


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