At Any Cost

I read this article today and it made me so sad.   The two women that originally brought this boy to the hospital waited for four days to see if his parents were around and they were not.   The woman at the hospital has a heart for him and wants to adopt him but this policy stands in the way:

It is a position backed by the United Nations Children’s Fund, which helped create a database for unaccompanied children after the Haiti quake. The aim is to reunite children with their extended families, even if family members say they cannot care for the child.”

It is the last part that is really upsetting-even when family says they can not care for the child, they are still going to force the child to stay with family.  How does this policy help anyone?  I agree that extended family should be given the chance to take care of their members, but when they say they can’t,  why force them?  The families will have extra stress on them by having more mouths to feed. If they do not resent this right away, they could very well resent the children being forced on them down the line.

What kind of life will that child have?  Knowing that his extended family did not want him, don’t have enough money to feed him, told the authorities so and the authorities made him stay there anyway.   At some point the family may well take it out on the child.  Is that what is best for the child?

Is keeping the family together at any cost worth the price?  Will it help them down the line to say that “we knew the family could not take on extra members, they told us so but we made them stay together.”  Especially when we start hearing about how these children are starving, being killed or abused.


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