Get off the Bench

We had a testimony a while back about getting off the bench and participating in the game-in this case, in more congregational activities.  This week we had a different person use that phrase and urge us not to be pew sitters.

They have a point, but they also fail to realize that the culture of the place is not conducive to keeping people in the game.  People have gotten off the bench and into the game and ended up getting run over multiple times.    People have offered to help with activities and been told that help is no longer needed.   Lastly, they don’t want volunteers-they want clones.   When people have stepped in to fill a need all they got in return was grief as they were not doing things the exact same way the person that had the job before them did.

If they want people to get off the bench and stay in the game, they need to change the way people are treated.


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