I get so tired of the manipulation that goes on around me.   There is an event  coming up and in the past this event has usually been after service which is a time that is convenient for everyone as people are there at that time to begin with.

This time around they decided to have this event an hour before their book study, which is not the same day as service.  Can we say manipulation?  We got a save the date notice and that notice emphasized the fact that this event will be before the book study and that the book study will immediately follow this event.  Obviously they are hoping that more people will stay for the book study this time since they want more people to participate.

Since I do not approve of manipulation, I will not be attending this event.  This is not the first time they have used manipulation nor will it be the last.  I am so tempted to call the leaders aside and tell them that it doesn’t work, not to mention that it is also the sin of witchcraft, but I know it won’t do any good.  I hope people who do attend the event but have not been attending the study do not get sucked in to doing it this time.  Even if they do give in to attending this once I doubt they will be long time attenders.

I also want to be clear. They call it a bible study but they are not studying the bible.  They are studying a book about the bible which is not the same thing as studying the bible itself.  For some reason, there seems to be an aversion to simply studying the bible alone.  I have no idea why.


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