People to Emulate?

China has been having trouble with Al Quaeda.  This is their response:

“Predictably, a Uighur stands before the court. His name is Alimujiang Yimiti. Is he accused of running amok and slaughtering Han Chinese in the turmoil earlier this month? No – not even the Chinese can pin that on him. He has been in custody for the last 18 months. And he’s not even a Muslim – he’s a Christian.

Although the general assumption is that his crime is bearing Christian witness among the Uighurs, he will be charged with “revealing State secrets”. Well, we are invited to reflect, that’s pretty serious. It’s hardly a sign of tyranny – you get prosecuted for that over here. The problem is that, under Chinese law, any information which has not been specifically released by the government’s information office is a state secret.”

Add to this the fact that most of Mao’s laws have never been repealed, but are used selectively, and one can see the trouble the people are in.

The West sees nothing wrong with this behavior and hopes to have the same kinds of policy here.

Is this what we really want?


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