One More Night

We have had VBS this week and tomorrow is the last night…hooray!!  We have enjoyed it don’t get me wrong, but it means being out of the house every night this week.  Since I am one of the leaders I need to be there earlier than every one else.

My blessing is enjoying it and she even has her verse memorized.    She was also able to say what one of the attributes of God is…I was so proud of her!

One of her teachers gave her something special as the first night they ran out of flip flops, so she doesn’t have a pair..the only kid that doesn’t have a pair.  The next night she burned her finger on hot glue…again the only one to do that.  Her teacher felt bad that these things keep happening to her so she gave her an extra special gift tonight…bless that teacher!

It makes my heart glad to see that someone cared enough to make sure my blessing did not feel left out of things.


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