Denying Deity

This weeks STLS topic was open-so we could write about anything that was on our minds. I decided to write about a teaching I heard recently.

I heard a guest speaker a while back and found his comments on Matthew 15:22-28 interesting. His conclusion was that it was this incident that made Yeshua realize he was here to minister to all people, not just Israelites.

What?! The first time he said it I asked myself if I had heard correctly. He did repeat the thought a couple more times so I did hear it correctly.

This man does not realize this, but by stating what he did, he has denied Yeshua’s deity. Of course Yeshua knew that he came to die for all people. He had this encounter with the Canaanite woman to see if she was serious about her faith and to show his disciples that they are to take the Gospel to all people.

There are enough people denying Yehsua’s deity already-we certainly don’t need help from within our ranks to deny it too. And the worst thing is that this man does not even realize his thinking is faulty. How many people will he inadvertently turn away from Him by his conclusion?

Pastors and teachers really need to be careful when they study and teach the Word.

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  1. Daiquiri
    Aug 31, 2008 @ 21:26:46

    Yikes! And can I say it again? Yikes!!

    I agree with you…teachers are going to be held accountable for their flock, so yes, they sure do need to be careful. Not only for our sakes, but for their own too.


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