Divison and Confusion

This is my second post about this week’s topic, Satan. My first post (right below this one) showed how Satan has worked through time to bring destruction to Israel and the Jewish people.

This post will focus on how I have seen Satan hard at work in my own life. My congregation endured a split earlier this year. I wrote about it here, here, here, here and here.

It was painful and I can see that Satan got a hold of the elders and encouraged them to cause confusion and division. Even now, eight months later they are still speaking ill of us to other congregations in the area.

Satan is using them to spread falsehoods and lies about us, which fits right in his position as the “father of lies.” Lately someone in our own congregation seems to be affected by this as well. She stayed with us through the split, said she was hurt and disappointed by what the elders had done, yet now she seems to be pulling away from us.

She is good friends with one of the families who left and over the past few months there has been a change in her. She is (was?) our tambourine leader but even that has lost its appeal for her. We have some events coming up besides the Autumn Feast Days which she was asked to lead and her answer was quite telling, I think. She said she did not feel comfortable doing that.

It’s odd since she was the one that introduced tambourine to us. She was not asked to come up with any new routines either-just lead dances we already know. Why is she uncomfortable with that?

I was asked if I could lead tambourine for these two events, and I replied that I could. And neither I nor the person who asked me to lead want to see tambourine go by the wayside.

Her best friend (different from the other couple I mentioned before) heard that I was asked to lead and she said that she had thought about leading it, but did not feel comfortable with it. Obviously the tam leader had spoken with her before being approached by the committee. Then she said something else that leads me to believe that our (former?) leader is either stepping down or leaving us for good-she said that once you do something once, it’s yours. Now why would she say that if our tam leader is going to continue with tambourine?

The same committee person that asked me to lead told me to keep our leader informed about our practices because she still wants to participate. That is not true since we had our practice for this week’s event and the tam leader not only never showed up, but never informed she would not be there. In contrast, her best friend did tell me she would not be doing the tambourine dance.

I am disappointed that her best friend won’t be doing the dances and I’m not sure why she does not want to participate. I could understand if she felt that our tam leader was being ousted from her position, the way the elders wanted to oust our rabbi. That is not what happened here. The facts are that our leader was asked first to lead tambourine. She chose, voluntarily, not to do it. It was only after her refusal to lead that I was asked if I could do it. I did not suddenly run into the breach to fill the position-I was asked before I knew what was going on. After I was asked, my first thought was why wasn’t our regular leader doing it, but before I asked the question, the committee person told me why I was being asked.

I was asked at our practice if I was indeed the leader now. I told them I was informed that it was only for these two events coming up. I was asked if the original leader was stepping down. I replied truthfully that I don’t know. My personal feeling is that she is leaving us, but since no one knows that for sure, I could not say anything.

Do you see Satan at work here? I sure do. We have a lot of confusion right now as to why the leader is not leading, if she is staying, etc.. I also wonder about her best friend-will she stay if our tam leader goes?

I think one of the best prayers we can pray at this time in our lives is for protection from deception. I know someone who prays every day “Adonai, please don’t let me be deceived.”


As an aside, do you know what amein really means? It means “so be it”, or “let it be so”. When it comes to deception protection, I can think of no better way than to end in agreement that Adonai will keep me from being deceived.

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  1. Peggy
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 11:07:17

    ahhh Abrianna…a topic near and dear to my heart:tambourine…I’m so saddened by the confusin and division in your congregation.
    Worse that it involves leadership. And the worst is that it has trickled down to the Tamborine Worship team and the two special events!

    Definitely satan is at work!

    I don’t know if I would want a part in this nor would I want to surrender worship with tamborine or any surrender to the enemy.

    Are you looking for resolution? SEEK Adonai’s!
    Stay in practice and BE READY and don’t worry about who is leading just be sure you are not allowing satan to lead you down the path of destruction.

    To me tamborine is a tool used for Spiritual Warfare…so use it! Put ribbons that symbolize
    VICTORY over this situation and press in!

    Amen! SO BE IT…so deception leave now!
    Adonia answer her prayer and protect Abrianna from being deceved or in the middle of this congregational battle of division. Let the praise be separate from this problem among leaders, who should know better and have more wisdom. Bring wisdom and PEACE!


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