Center to Study Thought Crimes

I have been writing about thought crimes for a while now, and now we see just how far this has gone. I do not make this stuff up folks-it is really happening. Now we have the Center of Excellence to study thought criminals in the United States at the University of Maryland.

This center is a provision of the …Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 otherwise known as the thought crimes bill. This is despite the fact that the legislation has not been signed into law. The House version of the bill HR 1955 was passed by a margin of 404-6 where as the Senate version of the bill S 1959 is still awaiting action.”

Let’s look at this carefully-this bill has not yet been passed as law, but the Center is already set up at the University of Maryland. Not only does the government have no right to set up thought police in the first place, but they do not have the authority to set up a provision of a bill that is not even law yet. As I’ve said before, people do not want to be confused by the facts of the matter.

The Center will have numerous social scientists and so called behavioral experts at their disposal to figure out ways to get people to come around to their way of thinking. The article does not say what methods will be used, but I can come up with a few already-threatening family members, sleep deprivation, constant interrogation and let’s not forget the government favorite-torture.

The Stasi and thought police are already here.

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