The Seven Signs of Terror

The Department of Homeland Security has put together a DVD to help people spot terror. According to the DVD, there are seven signs of terror:

“1. Surveillance — watch out for people standing around surveying or taking video or pictures.

2. Information gathering — be on the lookout for people requesting maps of blue prints of buildings.

3. Testing security — terrorists may watch to see how long it takes emergency responders to get to a scene.

4. Planning

5. Suspicious behavior

6. Rehearsal — terrorists may rehearse for the attack over and over so look out for that and

7. watch for people getting into positions that may not seem normal.”

Most of these are things that normal tourists do every day. Tourists should be prepared to be under suspicion and I guess, be arrested for terrorist activity.

The article also says that if this program had been in place before 9/11, maybe the attacks would have been prevented. That is the crux of the matter-they have no idea if this program works or not. That won’t stop them from promoting it. Who knows how many people will disappear into the system as a result of all this “terror” activity?”

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