China’s Free & Open Society

The latest news from China-the folks that want us to believe that they really do allow freedom of the press- has once again proven that they are lying.

“According to an NTV spokesman, a 37-year-old reporter, a TV camera operator and a Chinese assistant were working near a paramilitary border patrol facility, when a group of border patrol policemen detained the reporter at the facility at about 10:50 p.m., on Monday. The reporter was punched in the face several times, the spokesman said.”

The photographer had his two cameras seized and was kicked in the side and face. Both men were released a couple of hours later. These men were Japanese and their embassy filed a formal protest demanding that similar events will not happen in the future.

Since that is not going to happen, they are just spinning their wheels.

Why were they in that particular city of Kashgar? It seems that the Uighur ethnic group, tired of their city being in lockdown, killed 16 police officers. Besides what China did to the reporters, they also cut off inter net access in the city.

“The authorities, counting Xinjiang’s East Turkistan Islamic Movement as China’s largest terror threat, have clamped down on the region’s security and detained Uighur suspects ahead of Beijing’s Aug. 8 Olympic Games.”

Apparently this group has been causing trouble for China for some time now and they do not look like ethnic Chinese, which I am sure causes them trouble in the larger society. They want to be independent, but China refuses to do that, preferring to constantly fight with them, and have their officers slain than give up control of that region.

And there is some concern that the Uighurs are being framed for terror attacks:

“She urged caution in evaluating the Chinese government’s reports of terrorist attacks by the group because the government routinely fails to provide evidence to back such reports, the AFP said.”

That sounds about right, given their previous tactics.

Think about those reporters that were detained and about the Ugihurs while watching the Olympics and being told what a wonderful place China is to live, in their free and open society.

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