Green Police

A British energy company is running ads encouraging seven to eleven year olds to police their family for global warming crimes. The ads offer diaries for the kids to keep a running log of their family’s crimes.

“Equally important, the campaign seeks to attract kids to its controversial Web site, Climate Cops, which encourages children to monitor and report on their domestic energy crimes to their classrooms.”

The company says it’s not promoting anything sinister, it just wants to give children the feeling of empowerment. Uh huh. The site also encourages them to report on their friends and relatives eco-crimes too. Yet the company still wants us to believe that:

“It’s not about reporting on your parents,” said Clare McDougall, NPower’s education project director. “It’s how the accumulation of small differences add up to one big difference.”

“Ms. McDougall added that contrary to some critics’ impressions, children do not report on the parents to people in position of authority, such as teachers. Instead, she stressed, it is merely a light-hearted awareness exercise, and the information does not go any farther than the child’s family.”

How does this statement reconcile with the earlier one quoted above about reporting “crimes” to their classrooms? And notice that they keep using the word “crimes” for these things that are not crimes-yet.

See where this is going? Get the children used to reporting on their families and once they are used to it, codify these so-called eco-crimes into law so the parents can be prosecuted.

And how is it possible for these things to be reported to the classroom and not have the teacher know about it? Even if you only report it to other children, then that information has already gone farther than that child’s family.

How stupid do they think their fellow Britons are?

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