Locked Up For Life In Mental Asylum

In Britain, as well as the U.S., women were locked in hospitals because they were typhoid carriers. Britain locked them up in mental asylums. No one knows exactly how many women this happened to since they got “lost” in the system.

Why they were in mental asylums to begin with is not addressed. None of the women had any symptoms of the disease but because they were carriers, they were taken from their homes and families and locked up. Even worse:

“Some former nursing staff believe that a number of the women may have been sane when they were admitted, but went mad because of their incarceration.

Records show that only a few of the women admitted to the isolation unit were already in mental health hospitals.

More than half were admitted from private addresses and general hospitals.”

Records are missing so no one knows how these women were identified. I bet some of those women weren’t carriers at all, but for some reason the State was after them. Some of them were married with children and they were all from one section of London-the East End. In fact, that section produced more supposed carriers than the entire London population at that time. Don’t tell me there was no ulterior motive-eugenics, perhaps?

No visitors were allowed to see them, pressure put on their families by the authorities, I’m sure. I can hear them now: “Do you want to be locked up too? You will be if you become a carrier”. Or later when the women had gone insane: “There’s no point in visiting now. She does not remember you and besides that, she is insane.” This is of course assuming that the relatives of these women were even told where the women were moved when the original ward shut down in 1972. It is entirely possible that they were never told where their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends were moved to or they could have been told that the women died.

When the 1972 move happened, two women were separated from the rest and put in bedrooms isolated from everyone else. What happened to them? Were they left to fend for themselves and possibly starve to death? The isolation unit closed which is why the other prisoners women were transferred. Where exactly were these two isolated bedrooms?

There was of course no reason for this to happen, but people do not ever want to be confused by the facts.

The response from the Dept. of Health:

‘There was not, and never has been, a policy of incarcerating anyone, in this context.’

However, many of the women were incarcerated before the creation of the National Health Service.”

No records were kept, i.e. they were gotten rid of and this happened before a national registry was made public, so of course the Director can’t speak with authority on this subject. He has no idea what happened.

It is a good way to make someone disappear, isn’t it?

This kind of thing is already happening here, on a smaller scale-so far. Remember what happened to T.B. Andrew, and there were a few others like him that were locked up for disease?

Conditioning us to get used to the fact that it is okay to lock people up for supposed sickness and getting us ready to see people “disappear.”

Does this sound like freedom?

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