Arrested For Taking a Photo

We are descending further into tyranny as evidenced by this story:

“A Johnson County sheriff’s deputy arrested Scott Conover for unlawful photography.

“He says you took a picture of me. It’s illegal to take a picture of a law enforcement officer,” said Conover.”

The officer is mistaken. It is not illegal to take a picture of a police officer, but as usual, the facts don’t seem to matter to him.

Conover was arrested in front of his children and taken to jail for this supposed crime.

The officer and sheriff would not comment on the story, but that’s understandable since the officer “embellished” his affidavit:

In an affidavit, the deputy said he saw something black with a red light which he thought was a threat. Conover was also arrested for pointing a laser at a law enforcement officer.”

There is no flash or light when you take a picture with the iPhone, so where was this light coming from? Where is the laser? If Conover had a laser then the officer should have confiscated it, since the officer said it threatened his life. Yet, there is no laser to produce.

A witness says that the officer said nothing about a laser during the arrest, only the picture. It also alarms me that an officer who is supposed to protect and serve does not know the law, cannot tell the difference between a phone and a laser and would lie on an affidavit. I sure don’t want this person “protecting” me.

The ACLU was consulted and they did state that there is no law that prohibits people taking photographs in public areas, even of police.

In a truly free state, this would not happen.

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rvewong
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 21:19:49

    How can that Officer’s boss allow the case to proceed. When it does get to court the judge had better censure the police or you’ll really know you’re in trouble.

    Yesterday I myself was questioned for taking photos in public, but it was all very polite…


  2. abrianna
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 22:16:20

    We both know that being polite made it all right, of course….not.

    I am glad they were polite to you though and that you were not arrested.


  3. Lao Tzu
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 03:24:18

    What’s interesting here is that the police department did not (to my knowledge) immediately apologize or retract despite that obviously no law was broken. Sounds like the police and local court sytem thought the general public is too stupid to know better. Is there no oversight?


  4. abrianna
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 21:14:11

    I think you have it right Lao-they think the general public is too stupid to know better. A lot of people do not know waht the Constitution says. There are also a lot of people that don’t have the money to go to court to fight this, and/or they figure they can’t win anyway.

    In some areas, police can do whatever they want. Sad, but true.


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