What is Patriotism?

We have service on Friday nights-the 4th was no exception. Our rabbi is a Viet Nam Veteran and we did some things that I personally do not think should be done in a worship service, but I understand his heart.

He had us sing some patriotic songs and after one of them commented that as he looked around the room, he was saddened by what he saw on peoples’ faces. He saw that later generations were not as proud as he thought they should be while singing the songs and urged us to be proud of our country.

That got me to thinking about what makes a true patriot? Is it someone that can sing all the “right songs” with the “right expression” on their face? Are these people still considered patriots if they think things are fine in the economy and our freedoms are still in tact and we have nothing to be concerned about? People that put their head in the sand about all the things occurring here?

People that can cite the Pledge of Allegiance but aren’t bothered by our constitutional freedoms being lost every day?

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