PC Techs Need PI License

If you are a PC Tech in Texas, you now need to have a private investigator’s license to repair computers.

“According to the law passed in the 2007 Texas legislative session, the private investigator’s license is required for repair technicians to analyze their customers’ computer data.”

The punishment is a $4,000 fine and a possible one year jail term. Who decides if the repair is deemed an investigation-the government of course. If a customer knowingly enlists a non-PI PC tech to repair their computer, they too are subject to the penalties.

There are two ways to obtain the PI license:

1) Earn a criminal justice degree
2) Serve an apprenticeship under a licensed PI

Both of these steps take three years. All businesses would have to close during this period while everyone gets their PI license. While they’re getting this license, their computer skills are probably rusty or not being used much, and they would probably have to be re-certified before going back into PC repair. I know, I used to be a recruiter for these folks. Plus, PC Tech is generally an entry level position for most people. How are they going to pay for the degree or support themselves during their apprenticeship? I really feel for these people.

Another step down the road to tyranny.

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