No Refusal For Blood

Texas will be joining Illinois and Minnesota in their quest to draw blood from people refusing to take the Breathalyzer test. if you refuse, you will be taken to jail while they get a search warrant, and then the police will draw your blood.

My intent in the future is to make it so there is no such thing as a refusal. You can refuse all you want, but we are going to aggressively seek search warrants,” said Acevedo.”

Doing this will save money for the taxpayer, he says. He is comfortable with violating the 4th amendment because it saves money. Not quite the civil servant I’d like to be paying for.

An attorney says there could be liability for the officers and city if it’s not done right. That would probably be the best thing that could happen because a bunch of lawsuits would not be saving the taxpayer’s money. If enough people did sue, the program would be stopped because there would be too much time and effort in going to court.

There is also this lie:

Acevedo said he would not ask for taxpayer money in Austin but at the federal level.”

No, that is false, Mr. Acevedo. Austin taxpayers as well as everyone else in the country will be paying for that federal grant. That is the only place the federal government gets money-from the taxpayers. The federal government does not do any business, nor make any products. The very least you could do is stop lying about how your local people won’t be paying for this grant.

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