I-pod Adventures

I had to lead dance practice tonight sine the other leader is on vacation. We have a congregational I pod with most of the songs on it. I had finally figured out earlier today how to listen to it through my computer. I was able to listen to tonight’s songs and a song for two weeks from now that I believe we need a dance for.

All was fine and dandy until I dismounted the I-pod. Once I did that, the I-pod locked up. I have no idea why. I re-connected and dis connected it hoping that would work. It didn’t.

I looked up how to troubleshoot I-pod problems on the web. I found something that I thought would work, except that I could not do the first step.

The first step said to turn the wheel to a certain point and then turn it back. The problem is I could not and still can’t turn the wheel. It was very frustrating.

For practice I ended up bringing the laptop so we could hear the music through that.

I sure hope we won’t have to restore it.

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