Olympic Stadium or Military Outpost?

From this report in “The Epoch Times”, I really can’t tell:

“According to a June 22 report from Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily, Beijing’s surface-to-air missiles were deployed only 300 meters across from the Olympic Sports Center. The venue is under military administration, surrounded by fences. In addition to the missiles, there are military vehicles and radar units. Soldiers and military police are also stationed there. Outside of the fences are ordinary roads.”

The military is going to run the Beijing Olympics-I don’t see that improving China’s image abroad. In addition to the missiles,vehicles and radar units there will also be combat aircraft, warships, etc… All to convince us that China is a free and welcoming society-so far, the plan is not working on me.

The article ends with this curious comment:

“The Communist authorities claimed that after an unsuccessful attempt to explode a civilian aircraft using gasoline on a domestic flight this past March, they have prohibited ordinary airplanes from flying over Beijing City’s center.”

Apparently it is okay for an airplane to explode over any other city, except Beijing. Another example of how much the Chinese government cares for their people.

Notice that we don’t even know if that incident is true! The article says authorities claimed it happened, but there is no proof. It does provide the perfect excuse to restrict travel over that area. An excuse the government made excellent use of.

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