More Image Problems

There was a riot this past Saturday in Guizhou, China. A riot that did not merit mention in the U.S. media, all due to the effort to improve China’s image problem.

“According to an investigation by the Epoch Times , the victim, Li Shufen, was a student from Weng’an County No. 3 High School. Li’s brother found her dead in a river around midnight on June 21. There were also two males and one female standing on a nearby bridge near the scene of the crime.”

No water was found in her stomach, her family did not know her to have any suicidal tendencies and there is no written record of an investigation. In other words, there was no investigation. The family requested a complete autopsy and that was ignored.

What are they trying to hide? Her family went to the county party committee to appeal the lack of investigation. The end result of that was some of the people being beaten, one of them (Li’s uncle) being beaten to death.

The police also tried to burn her body (good way to get rid of any incriminating evidence) and when more members of her family refused they too were beaten. They also wanted the family to say that the fire brigade pulled Li’s body out of the water instead of her family. The article doesn’t say so but I’m sure there was another and/ or more severe beating for that refusal.

All this would be bad enough, but Li is only one of many girls who have been murdered in this manner, and suspects let go. The people in this province have had enough and Li’s death was the breaking point for them.

“The Chinese Communist party has already began to censor information about this incident on the Internet. Some messages that appeared on Mainland bulletin boards were deleted quickly.”

What was that about China wanting the West to believe that they are moving toward an open and free society?

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