More on Spiritual Gifts

I took both quizzes that Daiquiri had on her site, and compared the results. Interesting. The most interesting thing was that one of the quizzes had me having some gift of mercy, and the other quiz showed me not having any mercy at all.

The other section that had the biggest dichotomy was discernment-one showed that I had it fairly high, and the other one didn’t show me having any discernment at all.

One quiz showed me high in artistic and the other quiz doesn’t even have that as a category.

Like I said, interesting.

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  1. Peggy
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 13:18:37


    It is interesting that you compared the two and found them different…which spiritual gift do you believe you have the strongest? I don’t know the reliablity of these Spiritual Inventories but based on the different questions and responses they determine it. Your DISCERNMENT & MERCY must not be in use…(lol) Based on what I have read on YOU…I sense a strength in ARTISTRY…so again
    what gift(s) do you feel you have?
    I can get you another inventory, if you’d like to compare a 3rd one. It is with Christian Network!
    I have a book with them also but that’s a little more difficult to pass on! I pray that the spirit moves in you and through you in any gift that is needed at the moment…for the need or situation of the time…that Hi Spirit would flow through you!
    Be blessed and encouraged…you are gifted!


  2. abrianna
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 22:20:24

    I had taken a spiriutal gift inventory (different from these two) before I married. That one said I was high in mercy. That one was by Tim LaHaye.

    Out of all three tests, only one had a category for artistry. The one where I scored high in artistry I also scored high in writing.

    I wonder if my gifts have changed some. That first one I took before I married had discernment somewhere in the middle.

    Perhaps I am in flux right now with some gifts changing? Or I am just too complicated for these tests, lol!


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