More on Teen Pregnancies

It seems that the higher powers are very upset that the principal of Gloucester High said:

“…a lack of birth control played no part” in a quadrupling of the number of teen pregnancies at the school this year compared with last year.”

Yesterday after a closed door meeting with city, school, and health officials the mayor of the town said there was no independent confirmation of a pact. More telling to me is what she says about the principal:

“She also said that the principal, who was not present at the meeting, is now “foggy in his memory” of how he heard about the pact.”

I find it odd that the principal of the high school where this occurred was not included in this closed door meeting. I think that’s a big signal that his job is on the line. And he has not spoken to the media since the beginning of the month, due I’m sure to the gag order put on him by the mayor and various other officials.

In my earlier post I said that the two school clinic heads resigned their posts because they thought birth control pills should be given to students without parental permission. Yes this is a clinic on school grounds, operated during school hours and with these same parents money, but the clinic heads don’t think they should have a say in what goes into their daughters bodies.

I’m not sure why the principal saying what he did is cause to muzzle him and threaten his job. Other students were aware of this agreement and what is so awful about telling the truth, anyway?

Wait..I bet the school is afraid of being sued and they sure don’t want to lose any money. Losing money might mean they can’t have the clinic any longer or the on-site free daycare for previous students that got pregnant.

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