Safety Check

A public service intimidation campaign was waged in Minnesota recently. Police had left notices on doors telling people to lock up. When they came to Troy Molde’s house, they decided to assert their authority:

“Troy Molde awoke at 3 a.m. Thursday to police flashlights shining in his face. Two uniformed Lakeville officers were in his bedroom, knocking on the wall to wake him up. They were there, they said, to warn him to keep his doors closed and locked.

The officers told Molde his garage door was open, the TV was on, keys to his truck were left in the ignition and the door to his house was ajar.”

I understand the other points about safety, but I was unaware that leaving a T.V. on is now a safety concern!?

There were four boys seven and under having a sleepover when they awoke to find officers in the house. Can you imagine being a child asleep and then waking up to find officers in the house while it’s pitch black outside? And you have no idea how they got in the house in the first place?

The officers apparently asked the children to wake their father, but they were afraid and refused. Who can blame them-I’m sure they were quite literally paralyzed with fear. That’s when the officers continued their invasion of the house and proceeded with the actions I quoted in the second paragraph.

There is a dispute about whether the door was ajar or not-the intimidators officers say it was open, but Troy says it was not. Troy did admit to the other things, but not that one. This makes me believe he is correct in that his door was indeed closed.

The police department sees nothing wrong with their actions. I have no idea why they did not leave a door hanger and close the door they found open. The article says that leaving hangers “can help create a police presence”.

It’s the kind of presence they are leaving that concerns me. It seems they want to create a presence of fear and distrust. With actions like these, they will be successful in short order.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mrs. C
    Jun 24, 2008 @ 12:22:31

    Oh, if this is how they prevent break-ins I’d hate to think what they do to young ladies in short skirts at the bar to prevent rapes…


  2. abrianna
    Jun 24, 2008 @ 22:27:15

    Great comment!


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