Don’t Wait For Us

FEMA has an interesting way of working:

“Those affected by the flooding cannot apply for individual aid from FEMA, he said. That depends on a report the agency will deliver to state Homeland Security and Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Daniels then will decide whether to request a federal declaration for individual assistance.”

This is talking about Indiana, but the policy is the same everywhere FEMA goes. The governor of the state can not declare a disaster until after he receives the report from FEMA. Even then, there is no guarantee that the state will receive aid.

If you have lost property, you will not recoup that loss:

“Loans for home repair could be as large as $200,000, while loans for property loss would be capped at $40,000.”

If you lost both property and home, your home can be repaired. I’m not sure what consolation that will be to people that don’t have any property left to repair/build a house on.

“We recommend they start the cleanup process and don’t wait for federal assistance at this point,” he said.”

Point taken.

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