Irish Eyes Aren’t Smiling

Ireland has rejected the EU treaty, also called the Lisbon treaty-formerly known as the EU consititution. Perhaps the crafters of this consitution were hoping that changing the wording would help the document pass. Fortuantely the Irish were not taken in by this manuever.

According to the EU’s own laws,that means this treaty can no longer be considered for ratification:

“The bill before the British parliament must be withdrawn because under
the European Union’s own laws this cannot proceed now.
The Lisbon
treaty is dead.”

Not to worry-the facts won’t deter the ratification process:

“The result of the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty should be
“respected and digested” but the UK “must keep the ratification process
going”, he said.

EC President Jose Manuel Barroso said it will be discussed next week but the Tories said it must be “declared dead”.

What is there left to discuss? They have to scrap that treaty and start drafting another one. There should not be any discussion about ratification until they come up with another treaty/constitution.

The votes don’t matter to either the Foreign Secretary of the UK nor to the EC President as they have both stated :

“I think it is right that we follow the view that each country must see the ratification process to a conclusion,” he said.”…

“Mr Barosso called on other members states to continue ratifying the
treaty, insisting it was “alive and we should now try to find a

The powers behind the EU are saying that each country must ratify the treaty. It matters not that voters have said no. It doesn’t matter that the EU’s own alws say that if the treaty is not ratified by all of the membetr countries, the treaty can not proceed.

They want the treaty to go through and if they can’t get the voters to aqueice to their demands, their next step will be to get rid of voting on it entirely and just ahve all the leaders agree to it.

After France rejected the treaty, that was when they had all those riots between natives and non-natives which I think was a punishment meant to show them what happens to a country that votes no.

Iw onder what Ireland’s punishment will be?

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