The Joys of Ownership

We are moved into the new building for our congregation and we discovered right away that the upstairs water fountain can not be used because it leaks. This past week we discovered that the men’s upstairs bathroom does not work, the basement has a leak or two and the air conditioning was hit by lightning, so there was no air at service and they never turn the air on for dance practice.

I am praying that the funds come in to repair all this stuff and that when the a/c is fixed, they will turn it on for our dance practice. When it’s over 100 and the humidity is 80% or above it is going to be brutal. Our humidity has already been at 100% for many days and our temps have been in the 80’s and 90’s. I already know one person has said she will not be practicing as long as it is hot.

This week we are having a women’s meeting and I am giving a presentation. They also want people to dance but I don’t know if I will or not-I don’t want to be all sweaty while giving my presentation and I’m assuming that the air will not be turned on-assuming that it is fixed, of course.

I also need to find out if the air is turned on when the worship team has their practice. If it is turned on for them and they’re not moving, why can’t it be turned on for the dancers, who are moving?


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