ACLU Plans Expansion

The ACLU wants to expand in the heartland:

He cited issues such as immigrants’ rights, gay rights, police brutality and opposition to the death penalty as causes that would be pursued vigorously as the ACLU expanded in heartland states. At present, the ACLU’s biggest offices are in the Northeast, the Pacific states and Illinois; targets for expansion include Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico and Tennessee, with even the smallest ACLU affiliates in line to get extra funding to hire new attorneys and launch new advocacy programs.”

They also want to expand in Florida and Texas. I wasn’t aware before that Florida is now considered by the ACLU to be part of the heartland. Earlier in the article it said their focus was on the middle of the country-since when does that include Florida!? Perhaps the ACLU needs a refresher in geography.

Interesting that in their list of issues there is no mention of upholding constitutional rights. I do see that they listed immigrant rights first.That does explain why they want to expand in Florida, but not why they consider Florida as part of the heartland.

I also find this quote interesting:

“We’re going to build these offices into vibrant, muscular civil liberties machines, in places where our issues matter most,” he said.

Civil liberties only matter as long as they line up with “their issues”. If civil liberties are violated on matters that are not their issues, they have no interest in them.

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