British Journalists Harassed

I wrote about the harassment of Chinese protesters and reporters here. Harassment is also occurring across the pond:

“The FIT had a responsibility to provide intelligence to police on individuals who might be involved in public order issues, and people whose likenesses were kept by police were given four-figure Photographic Reference Numbers and held on a database.”

It doesn’t matter what the protest is-if a journalist is covering it, the police are covering them. The journalists have asked repeatedly why they are under surveillance, but have yet to receive a satisfactory answer.

One journalist has taken his concerns to court, but has had no satisfaction thus far:

“Andrew Wood, from Oxford, had sought judicial review of police actions, a declaration that officers breached his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, an order for the destruction of any photographs taken of him,and a declaration that the Metropolitan Police policy of photographing people at political protests and demonstrations was unlawful.

But Mr Justice McCombe held that the police had acted lawfully, and that any breach of Mr Wood’s right to respect for privacy under Article 8 of the Convention was lawful and proportionate.”

Since this is their mindset, I doubt these other journalists will be successful in their endeavors to be removed from the database.

The West is becoming more like China every day.

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