More on Children’s Day

My first post on this was the sanitized version. Now we have more of an idea of what really happened:

“Police officers surrounded more than 100 parents protesting Tuesday against shoddy school construction that they say resulted in the deaths of thousands of children during the recent earthquake here.

The police dragged away several crying mothers and harassed journalists trying to report on the event, according to witnesses and photos of the protest.”

Several Chinese journalists were told to stop reporting on this story. Some officials were hoping to quiet parents down by offering financial compensation for their dead children. In other words, a bribe-officials are hoping parents will take the money and be quiet.

The intimidation started the day before when town officials visited with seven leaders of the group and persuaded them not to protest. Persuaded them how-by threatening harm to their other family members, perhaps?

Police forcibly removed a few reporters who were on the scene early in the morning.

The Foreign Ministry doesn’t want us to worry:

“He said at a news conference in Beijing that the “principle of transparency and openness remains unchanged.”

He added that the local authorities were making decisions based on the conditions in the disaster zone, though “they are not trying to block any news or to make difficulties for the reporters.”

Removing reporters from the event and dragging away crying mothers is not making difficulties for reporters? Telling reporters to stop carrying the story is not blocking news? Does he really think people believe him?

All part of the wonderful life the Chinese have, don’t you know?

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