Fusion Centers

No, this has nothing to do with nuclear energy, and everything to do with tyranny.

“Fusion centers are collaborative law enforcement and intelligence organizations that were established all over the country after 9/11 to share intelligence and counterterrorism information. But in the absence of a widespread domestic terrorist threat, they have not consistently demonstrated their value, according to a recent study.”

Despite what we are told by the mainstream media and politicos, here we have in the government’s own words proof that there is not enough terrorism to keep these centers going. Not to worry-they have a plant to keep the centers open:

“Fusion centers must consider analyzing or processing other criminal activity, in addition to terrorist activity,..”

Two things can happen:any infraction will be labelled terrorist, and these centers will expand their duties to spy on everyone all the time. Are you feeling safer now?

Ask yourself why the Electronic Privacy Information Center had to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out where fusion centers are in Virginia? I’m sure there are many more “fusion centers” all across the country.

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