Children’s Day

China has a holiday called “Children’s Day” held on June 1st. I find it odd that a country that has a one-child policy, has slogans that say “More babies equals more tombs” and severely punishes people who have more than one child with out state permission has this holiday in the first place.

This year some events were cancelled and more police were out in the streets because they did not want protests getting out of control.

“At the collapsed middle school, the police didn’t prevent parents from gathering and talking to reporters. Uniformed and plainclothes security officials snapped photographs of parents who spoke to journalists.”

This will make it easier for them later when they decide to have their next dissident round up.

Some parents are considering hiring attorneys-not that it will do them much good:

“The reality, though, is that the parents of Dujiangyan are unlikely to prevail. Sophie Richardson, a Human Rights Watch lawyer specializing in legal reform in China, says that the government has refused to renew the licenses of two prominent civil rights lawyers who offered to represent Tibetans in the wake of the violence in the Tibet Autonomous Region in March. “They don’t allow politically sensitive cases to get anywhere,” Richardson says. “I’d be very surprised if this turns out to be different.”

Me too. Another thing to think about when watching the summer Olympics and all the t.v. hosts waxing eloquent about how wonderful life is in china.

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