Trash Bin Police

No, the title is not a joke. In England, people have already been fined for putting trash bins out too early, and putting the wrong types of garbage in the bins.

Now they want to go even further by having people fill out a census questionnaire about their garbage.

“They will also be told to give officials a breakdown of everyone who lives in their home, together with intimate information including details of medical conditions.”

Where we have heard that before-a breakdown of every one who lives in the home? That’s one of the demands made of the TX FLDS group. I guess there aren’t many FDLS people in England, so they need to go after the general population.

“Officials said the forms are designed to go to a ‘minority’ of the population – a definition that means they could be sent to as many as 50,000 homes.”

Who are they defining as the minority anyway? It could be the elderly, the poor, who knows? The officials say that the way the rules are now it is too difficult to identify which bin belongs to which family and so they can’t prosecute offenders.

Again that line of “we can’t identify who owns what bin” is very similar to the CPS lie of “we don’t know which children belong to which mothers.”

Isn’t it interesting that the exact same lines are being used in Texas and England?

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