Only a Dozen

“The state agreed Friday to temporarily reunite a dozen youngsters with their parents in San Antonio but fought to keep hundreds more in foster care while the Texas Supreme Court decides if they were properly removed from their families.”

Only twelve were returned, even though the 3rd court said the way CPS took all of the children was wrong. Why not return all of them? What is so blasted difficult about adhering to the 3rd court’s decision? By ignoring that decision, CPS themselves is breaking the law…again. We now by know that that is their standard operating procedure-breaking the law.

This release does not apply to other families in other cities, and even in this city it took an hour and a half of arguing to get the State to release the children:

“But the Jessops’ attorneys said they had to argue for an hour and a half late Friday afternoon for the release of two of their children when Child Protective Services officials balked at releasing them and even said they couldn’t confirm their whereabouts.

“I just took this little family law case pro bono because I was bored,” Haas said. “I’m not bored any more, but I’m scared.”

By saying they didn’t know where the children were !? CPS was hoping to dissuade the parents and keep the kids. Remember I said before that CPS will do anything to keep the children-here’s my proof.

And their attorney is right-we should all be concerned about what is going on.

The 3rd court’s decision bears repeating:

“The department (CPS) did not present any evidence of danger to the physical health or safety of any male children or any female children who had not reached puberty,” the order by a three-judge panel of the appeals court said in part.”

And if CPS doesn’t know who the mothers are then how could they allow visits in the first place?

“It is undisputed that the Department has allowed these mothers to visit their children. It has participated in status hearing with the parents In other words, the matching of children with parents did not become a problem for the Department until a court decided that it had to give the children back,” they said in their response.”

Exactly. Again more evidence of CPS lies in this case,and who knows how many others?

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  1. goesdownbitter
    May 25, 2008 @ 08:31:43

    There are many parents who have lost their children due to neglect. But when the system illegally seizes children and fails to obey the courts, who is the abuser? This can happen to any family anywhere. The Bitter Hinterlands says enough.


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