Challenging the Law

A Georgia family is challenging the federal vaccine law by asking the Georgia Supreme Court to let the case go forward.

The law says no vaccine maker shall be held liable in a civil action for damages arising from an injury or death caused by vaccines given after Oct. 1, 1988.”

The family contends that the thimerosal in the vaccines damaged their son, and shots should have been made without thimerosal before their son was vaccinated.

Seven of eight courts to consider challenges to the 1986 act have ruled in favor of the
manufacturers. Last year, the Georgia Court of Appeals became the first court in the nation to rule the act did not pre-empt state law allowing such lawsuits. The manufacturers are appealing that decision to the state Supreme Court.”

It is nice to see that the Appeals Court has the proper understanding of the law. I don’t know if their intrepretation will stand, but I hope it does.

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