Waterloo Update

The government seems to be incapable of telling the truth these days. The officials of the NCC that leased the fairgrounds to the government were under the false impression that the grounds were to be used for training.

“The board did not know the grounds and facilities would be used to establish a detention center and a trial court for those accused of immigration-related crimes in the wake of a federal raid of the Agriprocessors food processing plant in Postville.”

The lease did not specify what the use of the grounds would be, but the board was under the impression it would be for training. Even though the lease was not specific, you have to ask yourself how did the board get the impression it would be used for training? Did they just come up with that explanation themselves? I doubt it-I’m sure their impression was helped along by the government.

There is a disturbing pattern of deception being shown by our government. What else are they lying to us about?

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