They Want Your Blood

In Illinois they have come up with No Refusal weekend:

“Sometime soon, drunken driving suspects in Kane County will have a new choice: Get your blood-alcohol level measured in a breath, blood or urine test, or have your blood drawn involuntarily.

On No Refusal Weekend the option of refusing to take a test will not be available.”

The state feels they don’t get enough convictions, so they came up with this scheme instead.

“But on No Refusal Weekend, police will seek a search warrant to draw your blood. Search warrants have been written and stored at the Geneva Police Department; all officers have to do is fill in the specific details, have an assistant state’s attorney review it and track down a participating judge, even at home, to sign it. And the Kane County Health Department will supply phlebotomists to do the blood draws.”

Never mind that there are expersts out there who call that perjury. In Florida it was disovered that:

“In many reports, the deputy noticed the “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage within my interior cab.” That exact phrase appears in report after report. And it’s there whether the suspect’s blood alcohol content was anywhere from .03 to .16. 9 Investigates found 11 other reports, written by a different deputy, that use those exact words, again, no matter how much the suspect had to drink.

“It just doesn’t smell right,” said DUI defense attorney Stu Hyman. “It’s a sad state of affairs when somebody hasn’t even committed the offense yet, but the report has already been written.”

That’s what happens when one lives in a police state. And it has been going on for a long time:

“This has been going on for a long time. (Years ago, I used to get a court order for copies of an arresting officer’s DUI reports for the previous 30 days; when the reports became an embarrassment, the Orange County (California) D.A.’s office finally appealed and stopped the judges from issuing the orders — but never prosecuted a single officer for perjury or filing a false report.)”

More governmental lying.

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