CPS Across the Pond

In England they have decided that anyone working with youth they determine to be at risk now has to ask them all sorts of questions about religion, secret fears, sleeping arrangements at home, whether or not they eat chips, etc…

“The new questionnaire, known as the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), is part of a £20million programme called Every Child Matters (ECM), ostensibly set up to ensure youngsters are safe and leading positive lives.

The questions don’t need a parent’s consent since any child over 12 is deemed responsible enough to grant permission for an interview. Any child not achieving the Government’s five “outcomes” – being healthy, staying safe, enjoying life, “making a positive contribution”, and achieving ” economic well-being” – is now defined as
having “additional needs”.

Do you see the dichotomy of this? First the article says that these questions must be asked, then says anyone can refuse the interview. I can see some older students refusing, but some of the younger students would feel so intimidated that they feel they have to go along with the questions. And of course, what is the defintion of making a positive contribution and acheiving economic well-being? Especially when 13 year olds can only work a certain number of hours per week? How much can they contribute to economic well-being, whatever that means?

It gets better when you realize that the person responsible for instituting the CAF was at the center of one of Britian’s worst child abuse scandals. Her reward for the scandal was being made Children’s Minister.

All answers to the questions are put in the database where the information stays until they are 19 unless they are in care. Then it stays int eh system for 75 years-the rest of their life.

There are Brits opposed to this but as the reporter points out:

“But how strong will families need to be, if by opposing the scheme, they risk being accused of negligence – or worse – towards their children?”

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