William Grigg has another excellent post about what is happening to the FLDS people. He highlights the fact that it was the government that created all this chaos in the first place-by refusing to accept the legal documents that showed how old each woman was, by creating the dangerous situation with the tanks that the children needed to be removed from, and on and on.

I am excerpting some of his post here so that people that don’t have time to go to his site or don’t have time to read the nine complaint letters from the mental health workers will get a glimpse of what really went on with the FLDS.

Do you remember all those reports from CPS that said the mothers were refusing to cooperate? Well it turns out that was another one of their lies, according to the mental health workers:

“…“During the debriefing I learned that these women and children …would likely not talk to us, make eye contact with us, and that they were brainwashed. Within the first two days of being among the women and children from El Dorado, I learned through observation and interactions that the initial information we received was false….”

Another worker says:

We were told before we ever saw these women that they would not talk with us [and that] they would only respond to us with, `You will have to talk to my lawyer.’ This was an absolute lie and it was to `brainwash’ MH [Mental Health workers] to think like CPS. I never heard [the demand to] talk to my lawyer once while I sat and talked and played with the children.”

From a third worker:

We were told [at a briefing held shortly after the mental health care workers arrived] not to expect any of them to engage with us, and if by chance they spoke to us it would be to tell us to speak with their lawyers. We were told that even the children were directing all outsiders to contact their lawyers.”

That’s not all..this worker goes on to say:

At one point I headed toward the public restroom and was immediately grabbed by the arm by a CPS worker who told me to use the port-a-potties outside the rock wall, `because we don’t know what kind of diseases these people might have and we don’t want to catch anything from them.'”

Insulting, degrading, humiliating, and yet another lie-remember what the letter sent to Arrow Child and Family Ministries said? That these children were used to a very clean environment, and that they also helped keep that environment clean?

I guess when you really want to destroy a group of people, you’ll come up with anything to accomplish that goal and hope the lies aren’t discovered.

Since CPS has proven over and over again to be liars in this case, how can anyone believe what they say from now on? And this is a case where the lies have been discovered-how many other people have been lied to by CPS that we don’t even know about?

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