The National Cattle Congress (NCC) fairgrounds in Waterloo, Iowa have been taken over by the federal government for the whole month of May. No one is sure why:

“But activity on the NCC fairgrounds was apparent Saturday, as contractors installed massive generators adjacent to many buildings on the NCC fairgrounds and windows of many of the buildings were covered up, blocking views of any work going on inside. A number of large mobile home-size trailers also have taken up residence on the site in the past several weeks.”

The NCC board approved the lease of the grounds, but even they don’t know why the government wants to lease it. I also find it curious that that the windows of the buildings are covered up. What is the government doing on these grounds that they want to hide? Not only are the windows covered but we have this from the Des Moines Register:

“Federal officials have imposed a news blackout at the National Cattle Congress fairgrounds in Waterloo, where they have leased almost the entire property through May 25.”

Why is there a news blackout about a drill? Both articles noted that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are involved in this drill. The Cedar Falls Courier also noted that FEMA is involved in this “drill”:

…NCC board member Tunis Den Hartog said it was his understanding the Federal Emergency Management Agency was involved.”

In case folks are unaware, both FEMA and ICE are part of the DHS- Department of Homeland Security. Since when does ICE conduct drills?

What are they trying to hide?

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